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European data protection laws required us to let you know about ‘cookies’ – tracking code – on our website. Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer by websites. Once placed, they can be accessed by websites to perform a variety of functions, from personalising content to recording usage.

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Stay in Wales serves no third party cookies as it's exclusive purpose is to connect guests with accommodation owners. Visitors are not subjected to externally provided advertising.

Stay in Wales includes, on the pages of some advertisers, a link to their own website. The content of these is outside our control, and each has their own cookie policies which you should consult if you wish to do so.

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If you accept cookies GHNET1 and GHNET2 they will be used to help us measure and evaluate website traffic, and as part of the functionality which enables you to save adverts to your 'liked' and 'viewed' lists. Your information is anonymous.

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For more information about cookies, including instructions for managing them in or browsers and devices, see All About Cookies.

If you would like to limit cookies and tracking by others of your online activity, we recommend Privacy Badger.

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