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Advertise with Stay in Wales

Established in 1999, Stay in Wales reaches a large audience who are looking for Welsh accommodation. It can help you get more bookings.

Direct response advertising

Our best value service is direct response advertising: prospective customers contact you direct, and you can deal with them as you choose. This service is on a fixed-price annual basis. There;s no commission to pay on bookings you receive as a result of your advertising, and we don't charge your guests an additional fee for contacting you via the site.

Our flexible advert layout enables you to display up to 30 photos and a detailed description of your accommodation, along with prices and availability. The enquiry form delivers response straight to you, and you can display two phone numbers, and optionally a link to your own website.

Successful direct response adverts include:

  • A well-written, detailed description of the accommodation
  • Carefully-composed, well lit photos of all aspects of the accommodation
  • Regular text and picture updates in line with the seasons
  • Clear and accurate pricing information
  • An availability calendar which is always up-to-date

For advertisers who proactively manage their content and respond to enquiries quickly, direct response advertising is the lowest cost way of generating bookings.

Commission-only option

Provided your content meets our requirements, the price for this is 10% of booking value. You manage bookings via our system and we invoice for commission when the guest has paid. It's a flexible system with automated functions to minimise the need for your input.

Why let the big sites take 15% or more cut from your bookings? We usually charge at least a third less, and put you in far more control of what's going on.

Whatever you choose...

The Stay in Wales team will be happy offer advice and assistance with creating an effective advertisement, and help you to get best results ongoing, both in terms of content quality and response handling.


  • Annual advertising
    £168.00, optional web link £30.00, inc VAT.
  • For new advertisers
    14 Months for the price of 12.
  • For existing advertisers
    10% Discount for early renewal.
  • Commission-only
    Subject to provided content, from 10% inc VAT of bookings value.

How to join

Use the signup form to add your contact details and basic property information. We'll send login details so you can edit the text and upload pictures.

You can create your own advert, or we'll do it for you for no extra charge — the choice is yours.

Any questions? Call us on 02921 251009 or send us an e-mail.