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How, and why, to advertise with Stay in Wales

Would you like to receive more bookings direct?

We put customers in contact with you, so they can book direct. We don't charge either you or your guests for bookings made.

Subscribed ads display your phone number(s), and you respond to the e-mail address of your enquirer – so at no point do we come between you and your customer.

Advertise with good quality photos, a detailed description, and always-fresh prices and availability and receive enquiries direct from potential customers which can easily convert into low cost, zero-commission bookings.

2020 Special Offer

Standard listing just £60 inc VAT – a saving of £108. To join Stay in Wales, click here.

You choose: either we or you build your page. The price is the same. After creating and verifying your account, you'll have the choice to do either.

The content you need is the same whether or not we are building your page. It is:

  • At least 10 interior and exterior pictures of the property
  • A detailed description of the property, mentioning all rooms and external features
  • Your prices for the year to come, ideally on a per-night basis
  • Your availability regularly updated, whether manually or via iCal link

If you would like to build your own page, once you've followed the link from your welcome e-mail you'll be able to access the content manager to upload images and input other content. There's a preview link so you can check how it's looking, and a content evaluator which will ensure that all the essential information is in place.

If you would like us to create your page for you, after following the link from your welcome e-mail, request this via the support menu, or send your content by e-mail to admin@goholidays.net. Ensure you provide all the data mentioned in the list above.

At additional cost, we offer an affordable photography service to help advertisers get best response, as well as copywriting if required.

How Stay in Wales works

Providing the best possible experience for users of Stay in Wales is our primary objective. All subscribed adverts are displayed with equal prominence over time: content rotation ensures all listings fairly share the distribution we offer. However, use of features which provide data which is utilised via site search functionality means that listings which are actively managed are more likely to show up in search results.

All advertisers have access to the ad manager, which enables editing of all content, as well as providing admin functions. The ad manager has aspects which are a little complex – we can streamline the curation of your data, but we can't make your data simpler. However, day-to-day use is straightforward.

How much can you save?

Airbnb and Homeaway/Holidaylettings take over 18% from the price customers pay for short breaks (which is the majority of the bookings they generate). On typical bookings they charge the price you specified and add 15% which they call a 'booking fee', and take 3% plus VAT (3.6%) from the price you specified – making in total 18.6% of booking value.

For a £500 booking on this basis you would receive £407 and they would retain £93.

Their service includes taking payment by card from guests. You can do this yourself for 1.5% via Stripe. Card payment isn't mandatory – some guests prefer to pay by bank transfer, in which case the price for incoming payment is zero.

How much you save depends, of course, on your rates and occupancy. The Stay in Wales rate of £60 per year would yield about £320 of bookings value via the big platforms, paying you out about £260. So it's very hard to make a loss if you advertise with us. For best results, follow our advice on achieving best results from Stay in Wales advertising.

How to achieve best results with Stay in Wales

  • An appealing thumbnail pic in search results
  • A full set of 20+ professional quality photos
  • A well-written, fully detailed description
  • Availability regularly updated
  • Accurate prices for at least the next 6 months
  • Boost visibility with special offers
  • Boost visibility with discounts

The benefits of engaged marketing

  • Get more ad views, receive more response
  • Show up in relevant availability search results, if calendar was updated ���21 days ago
  • Benefit from prices data to add discounts and be listed on that page, plus relevant other placements including home page
  • Place special offers to show up on that page, plus relevant other placements
  • And of course all your bookings are commission-free

Smart features create convertible leads

The customer who's most likely to book is the one who is confident it's available, and has a price quote for those dates. If you use daily pricing in conjunction with always-accurate availability, your listing page enquiry form will display a price for the requested stay, helping and encouraging their buying decision.

Our system includes other smart features including multi-way iCal support (with import and export) and booking system integration to help you automate things as much as possible.


Advertising is on a one year subscription basis. Subscribed advertisers of all types have the same display priority and advertising features. A standard listing is for a single property, and we also offer options for multi-unit properties and lettings agencies. Listings display one or two phone numbers, and a link to an external website can be added for £30.

  • Single property £60
  • 3+ Single properties save 5%
  • 5+ Single properties save 10%
  • 10+ Single properties save 15%
  • Multiple property* £180
  • Lettings agency £245

These prices include VAT.

* Multiple property is best suited for holiday parks and campsites where there are more than one unit-type or number, but detailing them individually is not necessary. Multi-unit businesses with individual units will generate more revenue by advertising each one separately.

So, in summary

  • We'll create your page for you, or if you prefer you can do it yourself
  • Either way, you'll get commission-free direct response at a reasonable price
  • The quality, and ongoing accuracy, of your content will have a bearing on the level of response you can expect to receive
  • Keep your content fresh and you will benefit from more prominence in the site, and an improved level of response.
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