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Dragon Adventure

Activity Centre

In the heart of the Brecon Beacons National Park, we offer a range of exciting activities and skills courses run by a team of qualified and dedicated staff with over 10 years experience in outdoor activities.

We offer a wide range of activities, here are a few :

Gorge Walking - You will be challenged mentally and physically whilst trying to stay dry and warm. Your task is to negotiate the wild river and to follow its course scrambling over rocks, climbing along cliffs and of course climbing up and over waterfalls. This is followed by the grand finale of jumping into pools. Remember that you will be accompanied by a guide who will help you through the most challenging sections and you do have your friends with you.

Canyoning - This is an advanced gorge walk. This gives you the opportunity to get scared and wet while abseiling down waterfalls! Once harnessed up you will be taught how to abseil safely and then begin your challenge. You will descend waterfall after waterfall until you are soaking wet! Once you've reached the bottom of the gorge, the day is finished by sliding down the rest of the gorge.

Rock Climbing - South Wales has a variety of venues with two different rock types to climb, sandstone and limestone. Once at your chosen venue you will be ascending cliffs up to eighty feet in height and of course there is only one way down, the dreaded abseil. You and your team mates will have several opportunities to descend the cliff in style and if any of you are slightly apprehensive your experienced guide will help you through your moment of weakness.

Potholing - Pot holing involves abseiling into the cave system and of course coming out using a wire ladder. Once into the cave system you will see some amazing cave formations like stalagmites, stalactites and helectites. Do not worry if you have not abseiled or even been caving before. You will be given plenty of advice and be well cared for. All equipment is included and a minimum group size of 4 is required.

Mountain Biking - We have some beautiful countryside for you to explore, and what better way than on a bike. Once fitted out with a bike and safety gear, you will be setting off down mountain tracks, through forests and competing against some rough terrain.

Your journey can be tailored to suit your group needs, so it is possible to have a variety of trials. Off-road downhill is one of our popular rides, being quite kind to the legs, whereas our technical downhill descent is very challenging as you endure a kilometre of pure steepness.

We also have other activities that are not listed here, please visit our website for more.